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Open for entries October 1 - November 30.  
Contest judging will take place through mid December.
Incentive: WINNER gets a one month feature here of the winning entry and select works from their gallery! 5 finalists will also receive a mention!

If I receive less than 15 entries there will be NO finalists, only a winner. So join in!


Using "borrowed colors" is a standard exercise used in an academic setting to help artists boost their creativity, and when needed spice up a body of work which seems to be stuck in a rut. So here's the idea:

Goal: Spice up your typical color palette with 3 NEW colors.
Ideas: 1)Look at your latest color combinations and pick 3 colors you haven't used recently.
2) Or pick a piece of art you love, on DA or elsewhere. And use the 3 prominent colors in that work to create your painting (must be colors you haven't used lately).

Subject matter is completely open: paint what you love!

This is VERY important
Remember to list on your artist comments:
MEDIA used (watercolor, gouache, ink, etc.)
OLD colors not used
LINK to inspiration (if applicable)

The reason you must do this is because in order for me to decide who has best completed the challenge I have to be able to figure out if you fulfilled the main requirement, USING NEW COLORS.  Now you don't have to run out and buy new colors (although I do suggest purchasing new colors from time to time) but you DO have to use colors that have NOT been used in your recent work.  

I WILL look at the newest paintings in your gallery to decide if you were successful!

If you are using 3 colors you found in another piece I would appreciate a link, but this is not mandatory, because the above requirement still applies.

Lastly, please list your media. Contestants who are not deemed the winner will have their work sorted into the main gallery folders.

I hope to see many entries in the coming months! I encourage you to participate even if you think you may not win. This challenge will be fun and helpful to everyone! I will post another blog soon with links and tips to help you with the challenge.

Good luck to you all!
There will be a challenge coming the first week of October which will run until December 1st. I'm still open to votes on the content of this challenge, but if I don't get enough responses, I will decide myself.

Winner of the challenge will get a group feature for a month! And anything else I can come up with. Also, personal growth. Now you can't put a price on that, can you? :)
With my second blog entry I'd like to welcome all of our new members. I feel like this group is growing very quickly -- and I'm very pleased! :) So now that we have almost 100 members, I'd like to adress some matters of business.

First: to everyone who has had one or more submissions declined by me, please try not to be discouraged. The last thing I want anyone to do is feel that they are not wanted in the group, because that is very far from the truth! If you want to include your deviation in the group (because you think I'm an asshole for rejecting it) OR if you would like to get some feedback from me about the strenghts and weaknesses of your paintings + some technical tips for future reference, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, submit to the "Feedback Wanted" folder. Submissions are automatically accepted! I included that folder so that you could bypass my rather strict personal filter, AND get those valuable crits! Also, when watchers get that deviant watch message, your deviation will appear along with all the others. (That's a personal victory if you ask me!)

Second: Like I mentioned, we have almost 100 members now, and I would like to get some contests underway soon. You can read this blog :     
to see some ideas I had in mind for our first competition. Feedback is appreciated on the issue. So if you would be interested in pariticpating in a competition, please reply to either blog.

And Lastly: If you're confused by what I'm letting into the group, OR you want to look through some awesome paintings, check out the FEATURED folder. I have personally selected all of the works within, so not only are there some amazing paintings, but also insight into what I'm looking for in the group. Most of the works selected have been chosen for technical skill, although others were chosen because of their slightly non-traditional (at least when you think of watercolor) subject matter.

Thanks again, hope to see more responses and deviations soon!

-- Anne
So, our new watercolor group is starting to accrue members! As I write this we're at 29! I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for joining.

Now, I'd like to see whether you would be interested in participating in challenges. What I will most likely propose will be related to the technical/production aspects of successful watercolor painting. The goal of these will be (like any other exercise) to promote creative stimulation, and strengthen your watercolor work. When we start doing these I will dedicate one gallery folder to current submissions. (Submissions will probably be automatically approved) There will be a generous time limit (so we get as many of you as possible to contribute) -- probably anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. When the challenge ends I will sift through the entries, commend the 3 most successful paintings, and sort the other entries into their appropriate folders. Or I may keep a folder for the expired challenge, not sure yet.

So, here are some ideas for the challenge:

- Resting Places (creating a painting that feels balanced but NOT full. The most typical "resting place" in watercolor is white paper, but any place on your painting that is NOT visually busy works effectively)

- Borrowed Colors (setting aside your typical color combination for something new and exciting)

-Out of Your Hands (creating a painting with at least ONE obvious area where you have relinquished control to let the water paint itself. If you can't picture this you probably aren't as comfortable with watercolor as you think. Remember: wet on wet technique)

-Speed Painting (that's right! FAST paintings, where you capture the idea, the moment, finish your composition, and you're DONE! This challenge would include strict time + size regulations)

So, all that being said, your opinions counts! Comment with feedback, and mention which challenge appeals most to you! If we want this group to fulfill our expectations we're going to have to work as a GROUP! Oddly enough. . . :)