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With my second blog entry I'd like to welcome all of our new members. I feel like this group is growing very quickly -- and I'm very pleased! :) So now that we have almost 100 members, I'd like to adress some matters of business.

First: to everyone who has had one or more submissions declined by me, please try not to be discouraged. The last thing I want anyone to do is feel that they are not wanted in the group, because that is very far from the truth! If you want to include your deviation in the group (because you think I'm an asshole for rejecting it) OR if you would like to get some feedback from me about the strenghts and weaknesses of your paintings + some technical tips for future reference, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, submit to the "Feedback Wanted" folder. Submissions are automatically accepted! I included that folder so that you could bypass my rather strict personal filter, AND get those valuable crits! Also, when watchers get that deviant watch message, your deviation will appear along with all the others. (That's a personal victory if you ask me!)

Second: Like I mentioned, we have almost 100 members now, and I would like to get some contests underway soon. You can read this blog :     
to see some ideas I had in mind for our first competition. Feedback is appreciated on the issue. So if you would be interested in pariticpating in a competition, please reply to either blog.

And Lastly: If you're confused by what I'm letting into the group, OR you want to look through some awesome paintings, check out the FEATURED folder. I have personally selected all of the works within, so not only are there some amazing paintings, but also insight into what I'm looking for in the group. Most of the works selected have been chosen for technical skill, although others were chosen because of their slightly non-traditional (at least when you think of watercolor) subject matter.

Thanks again, hope to see more responses and deviations soon!

-- Anne
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September 6, 2010


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